Casadosmorcegos – Payroll Credit

Life insurance that covers unpaid credit balance in case of Death or Total or permanent Disability Insurance for involuntary unemployment, which covers up to 6 months of the payment of the credit. Free insurance (by promotion). Up to 6 months of salary if it is your first credit or up to 12 months * if you have already had payroll (recurring) credit. Deadlines to pay from 6 months to 48 months for new clients, and for recurring clients up to 60 months. Level payments (the same payment all credit) Automatic charge to Sumanómina account. Frequency of payment based on the payment of payroll (weekly, ten-year, fourteen, fortnight, monthly). Without cost for advance payment, when hiring you can choose to reduce your payment or reduce the term of the credit. You can renew your credit every 6 months directly at ATMs,

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